Unconditional love may raise spontaneously. Or consciously.

If you give it consciously to another you do not want anything in return. No attention, appreciation, even no thank you. The intention is giving love. Somehow your heart is inspired to do so. You lose yourself, as you seem to be unimportant. The only thing that matters is this remarkable feeling of doing good for somebody else, without any benefit from it at all for yourself. Can you imagine?

This means that the only reason you do it is because of somebody else doing a favor. You yourself are at the moment of your gift unimportant and afterward you won’t feel any regret at all.

Imagine that we all manage to reward our relatives this way. Not because they have done something for us. Not because they achieved something, worked hard, got a degree, did something nice for us. No, out of this immense feeling of Love for each other.

Love for no reason, just out of this heavenly need of doing something nice for other people. You are only able to do so, if you love yourself very much. You do not need to receive any love from anybody anymore as compensation for your lack of it. The love for yourself is huge and the consequence is that you can easily give love.

You never ‘give away’ Love. Because at the moment you share it with somebody else it gives you a lot of warmth as well!

Unconditional Love can only be given if you love yourself. To enable yourself to feel that positive about yourself you should be able to have healed all (or almost all) your pain. For me the only way to get so far is using the Tap Technique as described in the section Method Conquer Your Negative Emotions.