You will be able to (2) follow your heart after you have (1) conquered your will. It is your will that is keeping you from being able to listen to the richness of your heart. You cannot access these beautiful feelings if you allow your will to produce fog so that you cannot recognize your positive feelings anymore.

1. Conquer your will
I suggest two options you can use to conquer your will. Pick the one that suits you best. As long as it works.

A. Convince yourself that you do not do yourself any good by following your will, just take a look at your negative feeling(s) which it produces.
B. Use the Method Conquer Your Negative Emotions
Note that you are going to conquer your negative emotions and as a result you will accept yourself in the given circumstances so that your will is going to be overruled. What you in fact are doing is indirectly conquering your will.

2. Follow your heart
A. open your heart
Before you can actually follow the signs of your heart, you should first become aware of these signals. A good way of practicing this is starting A Diary of Experiences and A Diary of Rules. You should practice both ways each for minimal two weeks.
B. follow your heart
The most important matter of following your heart is that you do not do anything anymore that is related to the things you want. Wanting is a consequence of your will and following your heart is a consequence of your feelings. I never wanted to go to Asia. But nevertheless I went, as my feeling suggested me this to do. Despite catastrophes that happened accidentally in that period I had been planned to go there. All the time my thoughts were doubtful. But my feelings remained in tact.