One day I had an interview with a reporter from a national newspaper about the School for Self-Esteem in Holland. Initially it was a pleasant conversation. Until the moment the reporter told that she needed stress to do her work properly. Of course I disagreed. She explained to me that she needed her fear to do her job right. I told her that she would do even better when she conquered her anxiety. We discussed the matter, but could not agree. Two weeks later I read the interview with her in this newspaper. She had changed one major statement of me and when you read the article as a whole it all seemed ridiculous. I was mad. But I did not admit this to myself. I am using the Tap Technique for so many years that I am not used anymore to losing my temper. I was sitting in the car and my wife was driving, when she suddenly asked me, tell me what is wrong with you. You are looking wild and angry. I did not know what she was talking about. I thought I was enjoying the ride. Then I started tapping.
As I did not know the occasion.

Starting Tap Sentence:
Even when I am mad, I still accept myself.

After several minutes I felt my anger about the reporter. I started to feel this anger intensively as I did not ignore it anymore. And I changed the Tap Sentence to:

New Tap Sentence:
Even when I am mad about this reporter, I still accept myself

I tapped this sentence for maybe ten minutes and at first my blood pressure rose and I got more angry by the minute. Then it dropped, but after ten minutes I still did not feel very well. Some part of my anger was still there. I realized that I was not just angry with the reporter, but that I was angry because of her dishonesty. So I altered my sentence again.

New Tap Sentence:
Even when the reporter told lies about me, I still accept myself

Tapping this took me quite a while before I finally relaxed. Apparently I dislike dishonesty. But by doing the technique longer it became obvious to me that the main reason for my anger was that I am powerless. I cannot change the article anymore. I had to accept that it had been written and published against my will. I like to be in control. It seemed that I was completely out of control when it concerned newspaper articles. It took me more than twenty minutes to finally conquer my negative emotion and get calm and relaxed and accepting. Nothing could be changed anymore. This anger was useless.

Please note that I did not tap two times 7 minutes as recommended. If you are more trained in the use of the Tap Technique it is even recommended that, if you want, treat a negative emotion this way. It may take several hours and you may encounter several emotions which you even did not consider for a second, but then you are through.